About us

Used Bang & Olufsen - Everything in picture and sound as well as accessories

Who we are
We live and breathe for Bang og Olufsen products. We have a great fondness for vintage products, but we love the good craftsmanship that Bang og Olufsen delivers. That is why we have specialized in precisely their products, and here on the site you can see our large selection of used B&O.

We live here
Visit our store at Aldersrogade 6c, 2100 KBH Ø. Here you can see all our items and learn more about the products. We are happy to give you a cup of coffee.

We do!
BEOSTÄREN is a small specialist shop that exclusively deals with the purchase and sale of B&O equipment, preferably products that have been made within the last 20 years.

In addition to sales, we also offer to supply and install all types of B&O equipment.

In addition, we have a small niche within the brand where we find small special B&O accessories, i.e. accessories that are designed by brands other than B&O but which either fit B&O perfectly or are specially designed to work together with B&O's products.

Eg. we are dealers of STBrackets, which is an English company that makes all kinds of brackets for B&O products. In addition, we have a collaboration with a blacksmith who has helped us make custom made fittings/devices that are not normally offered or found as a finished product.t.

We have lots of other exciting things to offer, so come in so we can solve your particular need or desire, we are not afraid of a challenge.

You are always welcome in our store where our skilled employees will welcome you! Check our opening times before you come, or give us a call.

The store's daily face!
THE BEAST's daily manager and face is Claudiu Christensen.

Claudiu is 43 years old and has had a great passion and great interest in B&O for as long as he can remember. Therefore, over the years he has acquired a thorough knowledge of everything to do with B&O, so there is therefore not much he cannot answer, everything from the very old products to the very new, nothing is too big a challenge for Claudiu .