Financing your purchase! 

The beast starcan, in collaboration with SPARXPRES, offer easy financing of your purchase.


 Interest free
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It's easy!

  1. Complete the application form and press send.
  2. SPARXPRES processes your application and returns the answer by email.
  3. You can either sign the loan agreement digitally using Nem-ID or with a physical signature.

With a digital signature with Nem-ID, the answer is automatically returned to SPARXPRES. If you choose to sign with a physical signature, the loan agreement must be returned to SPARXPRES by mail.

  1. When SPARXPRES has received the signed loan agreement, the loan amount is settled directly toThe beast star.

Then you are ready to act.


Additional information


Costs, fees, interest, etc. per 1.8.2016.


Interest-free loan:

•Interest per month is 0.00% corresponding to an annual fixed interest rate of 0.00%

•Monthly fee DKK 25. The creation fee is 5% min. DKK 600



•Repayment takes place via BS. If SPARXPRES is forced to issue giro cards, a fee of DKK 25 per card is charged. PCS.

•Fee for contract amendment DKK 100. Fee for contract amendment which requires the preparation of new documents DKK 400.

•Fee for reminder letter DKK 100.


Granting a loan requires a positive credit rating.


If the borrower does not comply with the loan agreement, SPARXPRES can demand payment for any additional costs in connection with the administration of the loan, including any collection costs. Default interest and fees are added to the remaining debt of the loan. Default interest per month is 0.42%, corresponding to an annual variable interest rate of 5.16%. Information on interest calculation, interest rates and fees is available by contacting SPARXPRES. The stated fees may be changed by SPARXPRES at any time..


Right of withdrawal and right of appeal:

You have the right to cancel the credit agreement within 14 calendar days from the day the loan is disbursed. For further information on the right of withdrawal or the possibility to complain, please refer to the SPARXPRES website: